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Solidarity with our Iraqi colleagues and fellow citizens!

Petition to protect Iraqi heritage - Appeal from the French scientific community (18 March 2015)

Archaeologists, historians and all of the French scientific community condemned the deliberate destruction of Iraqi heritage acts recently committed in Mosul Museum and the great sites of Nineveh, Nimrud and Hatra.

These crimes against the cultural and artistic heritage are an unprecedented disaster.

We call on
the international community, the United Nations, UNESCO and the International Coalition, which have the means to provide assistance to the Iraqi government to protect the irreplaceable Iraqi heritage.

Nicolas Grimal, Prof. au Collège de France
Pascal Butterlin Prof. University Paris 1
Régis Vallet, CNRS, former resident of the French Archaeological Delegation in Iraq (DAFIq)

with the support of network

 "Archaeology - News 2015"

Sign this petition - Défense du patrimoine irakien -

Sign this petition - Défense du patrimoine irakien -